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Start your own business with the help of Marina Infotech Website script service which comes with the whole package of fully customized and readymade website script with a professional theme, SEO friendly, source code, admin back end tool and many more. Marina Infotech is specialized in building and designing a PHP based website and PHP website script for a long time.

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Website Script Provider in Siliguri

The main goal of Marina Infotech Website script service is to develop, install and deliver a readymade solution of various websites for instance matrimonial website for our clients who are targeting the general public for the potential consumer through online. We ensure the client gets the final output with fully comprehensive features by thoroughly analyzing their requirement.

By choosing Marina Infotech website script package you will get the access towards easy admin panel with no hassle of coding and programming required to maintain a website. Admin back end login will be provided with website script to manage the member profile where you can add, edit, manage, delete etc. You can compare our website script with other competitor and will come to know our end script is always unique and outstanding.


Advantages of Ready-made Website Scripts

Instead of developing an entire website from scratch, now businesses can buy several ready-made website scripts from Marina Infotech. There are many advantages of choosing a website script from Marina Infotech, the best website script provider in Siliguri.


A scalable readymade website script of Marina Infotech allows Businesses to start their website and saves a lot of them.


Script expenses are quite low as compared to developing a whole website from scratch. Here, you just have to pay for the specific website script you need for your business.

Dynamic Capabilities

Custom-made website scripts can add several attractive features to your website as it is a programming language to add dynamic capabilities in the website pages.

User Friendly

Custom made website script can dramatically improve the user-friendliness of your website. With the help of custom website script, they can easily navigate to your website and can discover the product or services you offer.

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Who need website script

Which Business Websites Need Website Script

No matter what kind of business you have, having a website with a custom-made script is essential to attract your potential buyers. Most of the business owners in Siliguri use Marina Infotech's custom made Website script. Some of the renowned ones are:

Matrimonial Website

Building a matrimonial website needs lots of money and time. With the introduction of a matrimonial script, matrimonial website development becomes effortless, quick and easy.

Jobs Portal

Job-Related websites need several custom-made scripts to create modules like " Find a position", " Work provider", " Position search", "Find work systems", etc.

E-commerce Portals

E-commerce companies use custom-made website scripts to attract more visitors and to try to convert them into customers.

Hospitality and Travel Websites

To generate more leads and sell various products and services, Hospitality and Travel companies always use the custom made website scripts.

Blogging Websites

Bloggers often use readymade website scripts to capture emails of their visitors so that they can promote specific products or services by sending emails.

Why Choose Marina Infotech as
Your Website Script Provider in Siliguri

Being the best Website Script Provider in Siliguri, there are several reasons to choose Marina Infotech's service and they are as follows.

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