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Communication plays a vital role in efficiently running any business and Bulk SMS Siliguri is one of the fastest ways to convey message and information within groups to several members in the shortest span of time. However, there are many limitations and strict rules on messaging service. For all tech-savvy Marina Infotech online bulk SMS service has become a boon to their bane of limited messaging service with overpriced SMS charges.

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Marina Infotech bulk SMS service is one of the fastest and reasonable messaging services with a promise of instant delivery. The exclusive bulk SMS services allow you to send Business SMS to improve your business quickly and efficiently by keeping your valuable consumer updated about all the latest product and discount. Avail the Bulk SMS service of Marina Infotech for sending SMS online to any mobile number in India by just following few easy steps.

Don't let the high priced and limited messaging service stop your work choose Marina Infotech bulk SMS Siliguri service for connecting with a large group of people in a short span of time at an economical range.

Sectors which use
Bulk SMS Service in Siliguri

Bulk SMS provides many significant benefits to the business and can boost your company's marketing. Needless to say, Bulk SMS helps your business in several ways.

E-Commerce Portals

E-Commerce websites sends promotional bulk SMS to its targeted customers to increase their product sales.

Real Estate Sector

To reach potential buyers and to maintain the relationship with them, the Real Estate Sector always uses Bulk SMS Siliguri Service.

Travel and Tourism Industry

To sale tour Packages and tickets, Travel and Tourism Companies opt for Bulk SMS Service.

Election Campaigning

Political Parties to run their campaigns to gain votes always use bulk SMS Siliguri service.

Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions such as school, colleges, coaching centres use bulk SMS service to keep their students updated.


Why use bulk SMS service?

Bulk SMS Service has become a very common means of communication as it is a very compelling mobile function that plays a significant role in achieving marketing goals for every company or institution.


Newspaper Ads, TV Commercials, Facebook Ads and Google Ads need tons of money. Bulk SMS Service, on the other hand, has such a low set up and running costs that campaigns can be launched and executed for a tiny fraction of costs.

Highly Targeted

The conversion rate of the Bulk SMS service is quite high. By sending highly targeted bulk SMS, the companies can directly connect with the customers who are interested in their business activities or sales and promotion.

Easy to Reach

Every mobile whether it is a feature phone or a smart one has the SMS feature. It does not even need internet connection to access. Hence, companies can easily reach their potential buyers and customers.


Unlike promotional mails, most people open SMS messages. Promotional emails usually go to the spam folder. Hence, the opening ratio is quite low. On the other hand, there is nothing like Promotion, Update and Spam folder on the phone to separate SMS therefore the chances are high of getting direct contact with your customer.


It is another advantage of using bulk SMS service. Companies can send targeted SMS to their customers depending on their behavior, interest, search and buying history. To try and achieve this level of personalization in any other marketing tactics would be a very costly. With bulk SMS Service of Marina Infotech, however, it can be done for almost no extra cost.

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Types of Bulk SMS Service in Siliguri

There are mainly two types of Bulk SMS service used by Businesses and enterprises and they are:

Promotional Bulk SMS service

To send any offers, deals and promotions to the customer businesses usually use promotional SMS. With the help of promotional Bulk SMS service in Siliguri, businesses can attract the customers and get them to avail your product and services.

Transactional Bulk SMS service

This particular Bulk SMS service is used by the companies to send transactional SMS such as OTPs and alerts to the registered users. Transactional SMS always offer high-speed delivery and proceed with a sender ID.

Why Choose Marina Infotech for
Bulk SMS service in Siliguri?

Marina Infotech's direct collaboration with multiple telecom operators and smart SMS gateway technology ensures the best delivery speed, ultra-low latencies and 24X7 support to all the values customers.

why choose us
  • The interface we offer is quite user-friendly and easy. You do not need any technical skill at all.
  • The sign-up process to avail Bulk SMS Service in Siliguri is quite easy and convenient.
  • The account activation is relatively fast as we don't take hours to process your account activation request.
  • Our Bulk SMS Siliguri Service cost is quite affordable as compared to our competitors.
  • We offer 24X7 customer assistance so that your problems can be solved quickly.
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