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Email Marketing has become one of the active strategies of an online marketer to catch the attention of the potential consumer. We at Marina Infotech offer email marketing service by which we aspire to help our clients achieve the highest deliverability rate to raise their marketing bar.

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At Marina Infotech our email marketing team prior to sending the emails test the mailing for code and content to improve the delivery of the email campaign by ensuring that the emails don't get trapped in the spam filter. Email marketing service of Marina Infotech targets a large group of potential consumer and has proved to be an efficient and cost-effective method of marketing.

Marina Infotech's email marketing service can meet the requirement of any client, regardless of business size, business-to-business (B2B) and including large consumer (B2C), enterprises, agencies and not-for-profits. With our reliable email marketing service and competitive pricing, Marina Infotech will let our valuable client's firm meet or exceed their ROI objectives.

Advantages of Opting Email Marketing Service

Email Marketing is used by several companies all around the globe as it is one of the finest strategies to catch the attention of potential customers. Here are the advantages to get the service of a renowned Email marketing service provider in Siliguri.


The cost of email marketing is comparatively lower than any other traditional marketing methods such as Facebook ads, Google ads, TV ads or any offline ads.


Email marketing is highly scalable as it offers the business to target large potential customers or a small targeted audience.


Email saves lots of time in your marketing campaign. Through automation, you can send emails to thousands of your potential customers at the same time which save time as you don't have to send them individually.

Generate Traffic

With email marketing campaigns, you can generate traffic to your site and improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your business website. You can then easily convert these visitors into customers.

Easy to Measure

One of the most prominent advantages of email marketing is that it is easy to see where you're going wrong. The email marketing software helps to track open, click-through rates and conversion rates which help to improve the businesses of the firm.

Flexible design

In email marketing, you can accordingly design the email as per your company's need. You can send your audience mails with plain text, graphics or even by attaching files. Custom design helps in building Brand Image to the customers exclusively.

Highly Targeted

Your Company can choose to send emails only to those who are interested in or signed up before to receive email from you. Highly targeted emails often increase the engagement of the audience with the brand.

Conversion and Increased Sales

Being an excellent marketing tool, Email marketing service in Siliguri can even increase the sales of your company. Most of the people prefer mail to communicate with companies. Hence, by sending a promotional mail of any product or services, you can capture interested customers to buy the service or products you are offering.

Sectors Using Email Marketing Service in Siliguri

Most of the thriving industry in Siliguri, West Bengal uses Email Marketing Service. Here are some of the sectors using Email Marketing Service in Siliguri as mentioned below.

Hospitality Industry

Travellers always seek the best prices for hotels before booking. The hospitality industry uses this search behavior of the travellers. For instances, when someone visits any company's site and leaves before booking anything, the company mails the visitor with lucrative deals on the products or services they are offering so that he/she returns to buy.

Ecommerce Industry

Ecommerce companies are highly successful by using email marketing. If somebody leaves their sites before buying the products on the cart, they email the visitors with offers. They also send emails to attract buyers by giving huge discount on products.

Luxury Brands

With the help of stunning photos, vivid storytelling and email marketing, Luxury brands sell their wide range of products. These luxury brands send product photos to their potential buyers along with products descriptions to promote their ongoing offers.

Why Choose Marina Infotech?

There are several reasons to choose Marina Infotech, the Best bulk email marketing provider in Siliguri, West Bengal and they are as follows.

  • We offer email marketing service in Siliguri at an affordable rate as compared to our competitors.
  • Powerful SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Server with Excellent Support.
  • The interface we offer is quite user-friendly as it is simple and easy to use Email Marketing Online Software.
  • The customer support we provide is top-notch as we have a dedicated team to help you get through the problems.
  • Our specialized team prior to sending the emails, test the mailing for code and content to improve the delivery of the email campaign by ensuring that the emails don't get trapped in the spam filter.